Coke, coke and more coke

hi guys

There’s this shop in Circle Center, Somerset West called British Groceries and Gifts. They sell stuff that you can only get in Britain, like Polos and Murray Mints. OK, so I go there and I see Vanilla Coke. Some of my friends have told me you can get Vanilla Coke in South Africa, but I never was able to find it here. I had never tasted it so I bought some to try, and truthfully, to me it didn’t really taste different to normal Coke. But I liked it so I’m probably gonna have it again.P.S( If you live in Somerset West you should really try going there, It has really cool stuff) If you guys have had Vanilla Coke, do you think it tastes the same?


BB xxxxxxx

What is Normal?

hey guys,

lots of people say to me ”Can’t you act normal?”

But what is normal? I can’t answer that question.

Can you? Is it to be cool? But then, what is cool?

Is it to like the local trend, or to have the right hairstyle? If you think you can explain it, comment below.


BB xxxxxx

TV Freak!!!!

Hi guys! Do you  like TV? What programs do you like?

For some odd reason I only really watch CI and vet programs.There is a really cool program on CI called Homicide Hunter and I’m watching it now. It’s really sad, although it teaches You a lot of stuff. I’m new with blogging.Can someone PLEASE tell me how to add pictures? Thanks!


BB xxxxxx