Your Best Weekend Hey Guys,

Köp Viagra Gävle What would happen on your best weekend?

go here I would wake up to a nice waffle and croissant breakfast and get to choose my clothes from a huge closet, filled with the best clothes! I would be able to go to London for the weekend and get to choose if I want to stay in London or not. In London I would be treated celebrity style! I would also be on the TV show Total Wipeout on BBC Entertainment.

watch That would be the best weekend ever 🙂

Tell me what yours would be!


BB xxxxxxx


Your Earliest memory

Hey guys,

What is your earliest memory?

Mine is when I was in a public playground and a girl came up to me and asked ” How old are you?” and I put up four fingers 🙂

It’s funny how you remember thing that aren’t really important!

GUESS WHAT????    My BFF taught me how to put a smiley face on the computer!!! 🙂

computer geek


BB xxxxxx

Interview your parents

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

A: Would I lie to you on BBC Entertainment.

2. What is your worst injury?

A: Spraining my ankle

3. If you could choose your name, what would it be?

A: Rosemary

4. What’s you’re worst punishment that you could get at school?

A: Getting hit by a ruler on your knuckles


BB xxxxxxxx

(with help by my friends)