Best Friends Forever

Hey Guys,

Do you have any friends that at first, you don’t really like them and then they become your BFF?

That’s happened to me. We are actually best friends now, and we used to not like eachother!

I’m really grateful to her, cause she helped me through a lot of stuff  🙂


BB  xxxxxxx

Your Best Weekend

Hey Guys,

What would happen on your best weekend?

I would wake up to a nice waffle and croissant breakfast and get to choose my clothes from a huge closet, filled with the best clothes! I would be able to go to London for the weekend and get to choose if I want to stay in London or not. In London I would be treated celebrity style! I would also be on the TV show Total Wipeout on BBC Entertainment.

That would be the best weekend ever 🙂

Tell me what yours would be!


BB xxxxxxx


Your Earliest memory

Hey guys,

What is your earliest memory?

Mine is when I was in a public playground and a girl came up to me and asked ” How old are you?” and I put up four fingers 🙂

It’s funny how you remember thing that aren’t really important!

GUESS WHAT????    My BFF taught me how to put a smiley face on the computer!!! 🙂

computer geek


BB xxxxxx

Interview your parents

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

A: Would I lie to you on BBC Entertainment.

2. What is your worst injury?

A: Spraining my ankle

3. If you could choose your name, what would it be?

A: Rosemary

4. What’s you’re worst punishment that you could get at school?

A: Getting hit by a ruler on your knuckles


BB xxxxxxxx

(with help by my friends)

Movie Time

hey guys

I just went to this movie called Risen. It’s about Easter and how people were looking for Jesus’s body after he died. It was really good!

If you have any movie recommendations just say so.


BB xxxxxxx

jokes hahahaha

hi guys

  1. What’s the similarity between a bicycle and a monkey? They both climb trees except the bicycle!
  2. What did the duck say to the goose?  Hello.
  3. What did the one DNA say to the other DNA? Do these genes make me look fat?

if you have good jokes, feel free to share them!


BB xxxxx